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The highlight of 2016 for me so far has got to be my collaboration with ALIEN SKIN on his latest single, ‘TOMORROW’S DEAD’.



ALIEN SKIN is the musical genius of George Pappas, the long-time keyboardist with Australian 80s synthpop band REAL LIFE (think chart-topping hits ‘Send Me An Angel’ or, ‘Catch Me I’m Falling’  to mention just two).


I’d previously worked with ALIEN SKIN when I was promoting music on VELVETSTORM MEDIA  (before I left to become a musician!), but when George asked me a few months ago to accompany him with backing vocals on ‘TOMORROW’S DEAD’, I was really flattered. When I say this was the highlight of the year for me, it is not because George was in Real Life; while I do respect him for it, I’m not really moved by fame / stardom / monetary success or anything remotely related to all of that.  


What I am moved by, are artistic achievements. I’ve always been strongly attracted to creative individuals, delicate people, people with a strong drive to make music… people who share my world views… who have similar influences to me… and make sensitive, aethereal, dark music. I’ve found all these qualities in George. This also being my first musical collaboration, I felt especially blessed to be given the chance to work with an artist who has had over 30 years of professional music experience and has even toured the world. The fact that George was musically active in the 80s, was a little like touching base again with the decade that I still, to this date, consider as the most exciting period I have lived in - musically and otherwise. 



‘TOMORROW’S DEAD’ is available on:


A huge virtual hug and much gratitude to George Pappas of ALIEN SKIN for the wonderful collaboration on this captivating song! 


All about ALIEN SKIN and his music right here:



Love and decibels,


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