Hey everyone,

This was a strange week… We lost yet another 3 well-known musicians, two from Jefferson Airplane (Paul Kantner and Signe Anderson, both singers with the band, both died on January 28, very creepy!) as well as Colin Vearcombe, the charming lead singer of Black, who we lost on January 26. If this continues, 2016 will probably best be remembered for the most musical deaths in one year…!

This week I won’t post photos of the musicians that have passed away, otherwise I risk having this blog look like a local newspaper’s Death Notices page! My respects do, however, go to each of them for all they’ve achieved. May they find their peace (and eachother) in musicians' heaven!

Things at Synthie dB Shcok HQ didn’t quite go as planned, having spent all of Monday and Tuesday, plus half of Wednesday in bed due to illness. Needless to say, trying to catch up afterwards was a challenge. Work is, however, continuing on new songs, so I haven’t thrown in the towel, despite my frustration at being sick all the time… To top it all off, the website was offline for 2 days this week, but thankfully my LEGEND providers, Hoststar, were able to fix the problem fairly quickly. Thanks guys. I highly recommend Hoststar to anyone!

As much as we all miss the awesomeness that was the Synthopia radio show, it’s comforting to know that DJ Skerat continues to put together radio shows via podcasts. Podcast Two of Skerat’s “Eclectic Podcasts” is now up online and waiting for you to go take a listen. Eternal thanks to Skerat for his continuing support of electronic music.

Shows by Skerat
on Mixcloud



Shameless plug: The title track to “Eclectic Podcasts” (written and sung by yours truly!) can be heard here 

Happy Sunday everyone and see you back here next week!


Love and , 


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