Hey beautiful people,

I received two big blows to the head this week…

The first blow was figurative… it was one of major inspiration and it led me once again to this terrible habit I sometimes have, of working on more than one song at a time… to this day I still don’t know why I do this,  as I’m really terrible at multi-tasking!! However, when such huge chunks of inspiration hit you like that, you’re not going to let them just slip by, are you? I certainly didn’t.

In doing that, I came to the realisation that it'd be better to split the album into 2 E.P.s, as there are two clear halves there that are very different to eachother... furthermore, I’d really like to get some new material out to you sooner than later, and a whole album would just take much longer to finish... somehow I feel I have to compensate for the long break since Factory Reset - health reasons or not!

The second blow to the head was, unfortunately, a literal one… i cracked my head open on a sharp corner, and OH ... the pain!!!!! After the initial shock, I stood there for a few seconds, watching the blood drip down my head, onto the floor and down my arms… Every few minutes I started to feel a different set of nerves tensing up, the eye pain being the worst. Dumbfounded at my silliness, I started to wonder how much more damage my central nervous system could take! Shame, as I was really starting to make progress with my health this year. After I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I started to wonder what exciting new creative doors and windows this blow might open… the next day I had another one of my kaleidoscope visions… this is an approximation of what it looked like:

Probably not the best time to be moving house right now, but that's exactly what I’m about to do. Having said that, moving implies change and change is always good. No matter how negative it might seem at any given moment, change is good and change allows you to discover new possibilities in all aspects of life.

This does, however, mean that I’ll be online somewhat less than usual over the next few weeks. I hope you’ll be able to bear with me till the move is over, because once it is… the music shall continue :)

Wishing you all an amazing start to the new week!

Love and decibels, 


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