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You wouldn’t have seen me very much online this week…

I almost exclusively spent the whole week working on a track with a very strange name, that I’d actually started writing in 2013. Yep, the poor instrumental had been sitting in a drawer (so to speak!) since then, lost and almost forgotten about! When I played it to myself, I realised it would be perfect for the theme of my next record, so I HAD to save it.


However, in coverting it onto the latest version of my music software, the song ended up playing all over the place, so I had to re-record every instrument from scratch! That’s always good fun with a 4+ minute-long song at tempo 117 bpm… !

Being a perfectionist also meant I wasn’t going to just re-record it once and then edit each track note-by-note to make it sound perfect… there’s nothing I hate more than doing something like that! In my opinion, editing single notes has NOTHING to do with making music, so I kept playing it over and over till I could record a whole take in one go!

If only those fingers weren’t so stiff anymore… sometimes I feel like a little child that’s learning how to play for the first time… but that’s a remnant of the illness, I guess… it will go away with time!

Watch out for little clues over the next few weeks as to what the song title’s going to be… The first clue can be found on my Instagram account!

When I did get on the social media this week, I kept seeing messages with feedback about the poem I posted last week, so thanks for that! I’m glad to see that a few people were able to relate to it, and it made me even happier that more people are now actually reading my blog :)

Talk to you all during the week!

Love and decibels, 


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