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Oh how I’ve missed you all!

Another long silence has come and gone… The move went well, the instruments made it safely into their new home and I’m now back from 2 very much needed weeks off to try and put everything in place… It wasn’t really a holiday, as I spent it trying to sort so many things out, that by the time I was done, so were the 2 weeks! The race against time begins again, but that’s perfectly fine, as working on new musical goals is not a chore but a pleasure :)

Thanks by the way to everyone for their lovely messages about ‘Tomorrow’s Dead’ (see last blog entry). I’ve heard it’s been getting some good airplay, so yay for that! :) By the way… while I love hearing from you in private, do feel free to share your thoughts about the songs on the social media… especially on my facebook page; that one needs some serious TLC… it’d be a shame for me to have to shut it down because no-one uses it anymore!

Some people have asked me why I didn’t react to Prince’s death recently… To be honest, it’s not because I wasn’t touched by it; I was completely lost for words! We’ve lost so many legendary musicians this year and it’s always hard for me when someone from the 80s passes on, as it was the decade that shaped me as a musician. It is now speculated that Prince may have been addicted to opioid painkillers that he was over-prescribed… Allopathy (mainstream medicine) is a rather sensitive topic for me due to my own ill-health, so I’d prefer to leave it at that.

The final Johnny Normal Show aired on Wednesday night… while it pains me to think that I shall now have to spend Wednesday nights listening to the sound of my own brain twitching, instead of The Johnny Normal Show, I am aware that people sometimes have to move on to bigger and better things… I want to wish Johnny all the very best in his future ventures and an overly MASSIVE THANK-YOU for all the support he’s shown not only myself but countless other musicians over the last few years. The final radio show is now up on Mixcloud.

…Keep up with Johnny Normal and his music here:

… Skerat’s “Eclectic Podcasts” show 6 is also up on Mixcloud for your listening pleasure.

This week I went back to the basics and a). started using a tape recorder to record ideas for new songs, and b). started to learn how to read and write music again! Really old-school, huh? I once learnt how to read/write music, but that was so long ago that it doesn’t count! It’s pretty handy if you’re out somewhere and have no way to record an idea! Also, listening to the radio that way brought back SO many memories… it still beats Internet radio anyday!

I also dusted off an instument that I’d made myself in 2002 but kept in a corner this whole time… I decided to finally learn how to play it properly and I’m thinking of even painting it using a typical Synthie dB colour scheme… If all goes according to plan (and the plan is massive!), it will feature in a future song of mine, so keep an eye on my Instagram over the next few weeks for clues as to what it is :)

Till next week!

Love and decibels, 


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