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Something incredible happened after last week’s blog where I'd 
posted that I shall be freezing my Facebook music page due to inactivity....

During the week I received an email from Facebook stating that, since then, the number of weekly visits for the music page had gone up by 14,000% !...

Take a look! : 


Regardless, I'm afraid my decision is to keep Synthie dB Shock on Facebook frozen for now. Apologies to those I've upset with that decision, but I strongly believe that if something is not working (for whatever reason), it should be put on hold until it does. I'd rather use that time to make music for you :) 

And that's exactly what I'm doing. I have numerous unfinished tracks I'm working on and, if all goes well, I'm hoping to have the next single released by late October. There's another big big dream I've been hoping to fulfil in the near future, but that one's going to take some time before it comes to fruition, so I can't reveal too much about it until I have some concrete news.

I'd also mentioned that I’ve taken up a new instrument, which I’m practicing like mad… it is not so easy, but it's great fun nonetheless. I'd promised you a clue on Instagram soon, so keep an eye out on there. Insti is still foreign territory for me, so bear with me, I'll get that going properly too!
And how much fun have we been having on Twitter?!! Synthie dB Shock has just welcomed follower No. 800... YAY! :) How cool is that!! Even though it’s hard keeping up with so many of you, I really appreciate you for sticking around!
Show 7 of Skerat’s Eclectic Podcasts is now up on Mixcloud, so head over there and have a listen. DJ Skerat is still a rock when it comes to supporting electronic and synthpop music, what would we do without him?!!
By the way... the very first track on the show is by Australian artist De-Franco. Check out the awesomeness that is De-Franco, he’s released some amazing music that I can hardly stop listening to!

More about me next week!

Love and decibels,
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