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Hey music family, 

Hope you've all had a good week. I can safely say that the summer has finally hit Switzerland… we’re having some scorching hot days, which has been lovely, but it’s even made playing a keyboard while sitting down a sweaty experience! My home studio has absolutely NO air conditioning and windows that face the sun for the majority of the day, so you can imagine what that’s been feeling like!!

But who’s complaining?... I like it that way! :)
I’m still awaiting an answer from a group of very important people, which will influence my decision of what the next release of mine will be, so I’m afraid I haven’t got much news on the creative side at the moment… so this week I want to touch on the subject of THE FUTURE.
Whether we like it or not, 2016 is the age of the digital media. I know I was protesting against the change from analogue to digital musicmaking, mixing, etc. for a long time, but somehow I had to try and convince myself that I need to move with the times, whether I fully believe that it’s the better move or not. 
Despite the fact that we all know the past is the past and that we should be living for today, I can help but notice that we’re focusing all our energies in the future with one foot in the past! This little picture sums it up really well, i think:
The music and fashion of the last decade had a massive 80s influence; the radio and tv music shows kept playing 80s music over and over, a new Star Wars craze happened with "The Force Awakens”, SoundCloud was filled with a new generation of brilliant musicmakers churning out one 80s-influenced tune after another, a celebration of 80s events was depicted in various documentaries around the world celebrating my favourite decade… 
All this was good fun, but...
… I thought this was the 2000s!…
Now 2016 seems to have gained a bit of a 90s touch to it… the floral skater dresses are back… Doc Martens are back (yay, i’m getting mine out again!!), the grunge flannel shirts are back (please, nooooooooo !!….), today’s kids are riding a future generation of the skateboard, the radio and tv music channels keep bringing Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam back to the limelight… and even bands that were big in the 90s all seem to be making a comeback by going on tour this year - Pearl Jam, Weezer, Lush, Vanilla Ice, The Spice Girls, The Counting Crows, Blink 182, just to mention a few!
So which is it, then?… Are we moving forwards, or backwards in time?… Vinyl is making a comeback… the future of music streaming is under serious discussion… digital telephones imitating analogue ones… we have more and more software imitating analogue sound equipment… we wiped out pretty much every single vinyl record factory and record shop from the market, yet people are starting to release albums on vinyl again...
… Someone please enlighten me, cause I’m confused…!
Comments are welcome below!
Love and decibels,

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