WEEKLY WRAP-UP 03.07.2016

Hey music family,

This was a quiet week on the music-making front; work continues on new songs, and there probably won't be much other stuff happening besides that, apart from trying out ideas for a possible cover song! :) I’ve never really been intterested  in covering other people’s songs (although I did occasionally try to play a Beatles tune or two on both the bass and the piano in the past), but some unexplained force won't leave me alone for months now and keeps insisting that I do one… so if I can pick one out of the bazillions of different songs out there and manage to do it justice, then you’ll be hearing a cover from me someday soon… If not, you’ll have to make do with my own crazy compositions ;) 
It appears I haven’t shared a poem with you for some months now…  
Here’s one of those really cheesy love-gone-wrong pieces that I wrote about 15 yrs ago (!!!) with the intention of turning it into a song, but I didn't think it was good enough so it never made it any further than the drawer…!
Straight from my special songbook... Enjoy!

Love and decibels,